Archive Your Annual Events With Corporate Photography in Bromley

Capturing the essence of a particular time is what makes photography so potent. For businesses, visually documenting who you are and what you do is crucial. When you have a corporate event, you’ll want to mark it, put your all into it and flaunt it. Charlotte King Photography provides a bespoke corporate photography service, tailored to providing organisations with an organised set of images that showcase their brand through and through.

My Portfolio

Since 2009, when my photography studio was launched, I’ve worked with a number of developers, event organisers and growth teams to photograph events variably. Having refined my creative approach, emphasising creative lighting, composition and style, I’ve gone on to extend my reach, providing photographic albums that celebrate the core of each company bespokely.

That Magic Click

When the shutter snaps shut, a moment is saved. There’s a special sort of pull to the ability to play with time, creating memories that will last. With every project, I work intricately with the notion of stillness, generating a series of prints that show stand-out moments caught out from a particular place of happening.

Candid, Clear & Comfortably-Captured Photography

Mood. Tone. Shade. Dark. Getting the picture just right relies upon natural circumstances. At your corporate event, I work around you, using the venue, the time of day and the momentum of the occasion itself to take photographs that demonstrate your brand, your business and your big moment in the spotlight. Whether working in colour or black and white, I fuse your identity into the images, providing you with a series of shots that do your organisation justice.

Vision & Artistic Direction

When shooting, I take my lead from what’s around me. I look for opportunities to demonstrate the importance of the moment, documenting the mood, atmosphere and environment of a particular place. At your event, I blend into the background, moving through the space organically to take photographs that reflect the true ambience authentically.


Headshots are a professional way to show who’s who at your business, capturing the individuality of each person. Alongside profiling and portraiture, I also offer an in-office service, taking images on-site at your workplace to create a series of candid images you can use within your marketing. These photographs capture your business as it’s most authentic, resonating with your business, your audience and your brand.

Find A Photographer You Click With in Bromley

My discreet approach sets me apart. At your corporate event, I’m quietly present, documenting the stage from the sidelines. Send me a message to get to know me, my work and my approach to find out how and how well we could work together, with competitive prices and competitive offers to make sure your corporate event is portrayed with professionalism.