Tips for choosing a Wedding Videographer

Your wedding day is one of the happiest days of your life and the memories of it will be cherished by you and your partner forever. However, no matter how great your memory is, you won’t remember every single detail of it all, which is why a lot of couples have Wedding Videography. Having all the little and big moments captured on film means that you can relive the day in future years.
If you’re stuggling to decide who to choose, read on for useful questions to ask a Wedding Videographer, answered by my talented friend and colleague Anneka Ireland, who has been filming weddings for over a decade.

How long have you been shooting weddings and how many do you do each year?

I’ve been filming weddings since 2009, I started filming for another company and gradually built up experience and filmed some friends and families weddings, then it went from there!
In a normal (pandemic free year) we would film about 40 weddings per year.


Is it important that you’ve worked at the couples venue/s before?

No, because our style is natural and not set up, we don’t need to visit beforehand to look for particular places to take the couple as the photographer might do because we have a fly in the wall filming approach, wherever the couple go, we go! I do like to arrive a little earlier to the venue in the morning though to get some nice exterior and interior shots.


Will it be you attending the wedding or a colleague?

I have a small team of videographers who have worked with me for a while, they are full time professional videographers and know my style well. It is either myself or one of my videographers who will be filming but the couple will always be aware of this before booking.
I always put together a detailed shoot schedule if one of my team will be filming and I do the editing.


What exactly do I get for my money?

We offer packages or bespoke coverage as we understand that every wedding is unique in its own way. Once the coverage is agreed, we film and edit then send you an online link to view the film, shortly after, it is downloadable.


Will the film use dialogue from the day or just music?

We have two edit styles; our cinematography style which includes segments of the ceremony and speeches overlaid, and the full documentary style which is cut to music and you get the see the whole ceremony and speeches with audio but it’s edited together differently.


How long until the film is ready and are we able to make alterations?
It’s usually 8-10 weeks after the wedding, we allow for 3 small necessary changes but we find that most couples rarely request any.