I’ve been privileged to photograph lots of weddings at some very different and diverse locations. One of my favourite locations has to be Addington Palace though, and not just because this mansion dates back to the 16th century. I’m one of their recommended suppliers so I have an extensive knowledge of the property and the grounds. More importantly, I know how and where to get the very best photographs of a wedding. That’s handy to know if you are planning on getting married here.

One event I was proud to attend recently was Faye and James’ wedding day. The entire wedding took place at Addington Palace and Faye and James were young and fun to work with. Most weddings are memorable for one or two particular reasons and this one was no different. Oftentimes the best man will be nervous about making a speech, but in this case he was absolutely terrified. He spoke about how the groom got drunk on a ‘man day’ and decided to have Faye’s name tattooed on his wrist.

Once he realised what he’d done there were only two choices open to him – he either had to suffer the thought of needles to have it removed or ask Faye to marry him! The speech ended up being a big success, providing the laughs every wedding reception should have at this point.

The wedding was a resounding success and a wonderful day from start to finish. I was able to discuss the bride and groom’s requirements with them well in advance, so we had a plan for how the photography should be approached. My knowledge of Addington Palace also meant I could make suggestions on how to make the best of its beautiful surroundings throughout the day. I am delighted to say the bride and groom got just the type of wedding photos they wanted, to ensure they made the most of their day.

Photography is one of the key elements of any wedding. After all, when you get married you have the memories of the day itself, but it is nice to have the best possible photographs to back up those memories, don’t you think? That’s why I always work hard prior to the wedding day itself to ensure I understand exactly what the bride and groom want, so I can offer them the best possible wedding photography.

If you are planning your wedding in the near future and you are searching for an experienced wedding photographer, get in touch with me today. I’d be delighted to discuss your ideas and dreams for your wedding, and how you would like it to be photographed. Contact me now by emailing your details to info@charlotteking.com and we’ll take things from there. There is no charge to find out more about my service and what I could do for you. Regardless of whether you have ideas for the photography you want yet or not, I can help you get the results you really want.